ALL Stars at 16-17.5.

ALL might have ended a while ago, but the show must go on! ALL will have its very own ALLstars event this weekend, featuring the battle of two teams competing in custom gamemodes in and out of the rift. The event is done in good will, as we are also Read more…

GDD VIII.5 is here!

GDD VIII.5 is here! You can follow our one day stream at To find the games, runners and more detailed schedule visit And as previously we’ll gather donations for charity. To find more info about it visit

The Bob-omb Battlefield starts now!

Our biggest tournament yet is about to start! We have players around the Europe attending in this Major nordic Smash + Tekken tournament. Join us at Hervanta Campus or watch us live at! For more info about the tournament visit

GDD VIII starts now

We are having our charity livestream today! Follow us through the weekend at and support our charity! We are at hervannan kampus, sähkötalo for the day so you can watch us live. All donations will go for the childrens hospital. Find more about our charity at