T3G Dota tournament

Date: 12.11-2.12.
Place: Online

We organize our first ever Dota Tournament! The registeration for the tournament starts 7.11. and ends later on that day. You can find further details from the events own page 

Teams competing should have at least 3 students in their team. You may register 2 exta players for your team as long as those players aren’t part of any other team competing.

Dancing game evenings

When: Every Wednesday 18:00
Where: Club room

What are dancing games? Can I find company to play ITG with? Can someone help me polish my dancing game skills to perfection?

Are you looking for answers to these – or other dancing game related questions? Come join us on our weekly dancing game evenings and challenge yourself, your friend or one of our veteran players to take a match on our two Cobalt platforms! We warmly welcome everyone from beginners to veterans and offer guidance and playing company for people with any skill level.

You can come try it out, even though you’re not sure whether to join the club! Our friendly ITG players will gladly help you get started.


Past events

Date: 17.9. 12:00-18:00
Place: TEK Lounge

We warmly welcome you to meet Tr3 Gamers: the new esport club for all students interested in any form of video gaming, casual and competetive alike. Students from Tampere University of Technology, Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences have combined their forces in an epic quest to enjoy the one thing they love together: Gaming.

This fall we will be bringing lots of exciting new events for all of you to enjoy: Tournaments, lets plays, watching big tournaments together, gaming marathons, and anything you suggest!

We love gaming on all platforms. Our goal is to equip our club room with all consoles and high performance computers. We will also have a studio to make our own broadcasts and our own grand stand to watch gaming. And to keep our members fit, we have dance games!

Gaming is all about the community. That’s why we will be offering a platform to enjoy gaming with friends old and new. To start with, you can find us on Telegram, Discord and Steam. Links to these at the end of this message!

Events, club room, people to enjoy gaming with? Not hyped enough yet? Come and meet us on 17.9.2018 from 12:00 to 18:00 at TEK Lounge, TTY, Tietotalo, Hervanta. You get to know everything there is to know about our club, meet new people and join the club if you wish. We will have a casual Rocket League tournament and you can also try your skills in play by play casting! Prizes for the best.