About Tr3 Gamers

In the spring 2018 old and respected club called Lanita stepped aside for a new video gaming club called Tr3 Gamers. As the popularity of video gaming is on the rise but there wasn’t a platform for the video game enthusiasts saw the makers of AKL a good opportunity to establish something fresh. The brand-new club is a club for all university students of Tampere who like video games in a way or another. If you like watching esports, play competitive or just want to enjoy video games as a casual player, this club is just for you. Some things from the old Lanita are still here such as dance gaming but mostly the club started a new era. An era that is filled with video gaming events and content in all shapes and forms.

So just jump in and discover what Tr3 Gamers can offer to you. Even if you wanted to give the beautiful world of video games the first try I strongly recommend you give this club a try. Even though our biggest events are probably aimed towards the esports side of things, newcomers are always more than welcome. 

Johannes Martikkala
Founder of Tr3 Gamers

About Tr3 Gamers ry

Tr3 Gamers is a registered association. You can find our clubs rules and GDPR in here: