We are looking for partners for the AKL season 2019!

What is Tr3 Gamers (T3G)?

Tr3 Gamers is a video game club with emphasis on the esports. We are fully international as we provide our official messages in english and we are currently gathered members from each university of Tampere. We have just finished our first full year as a club and we were able to gather a solid place in our student community. Over the year we were able to gather around 100 members (membership fee is 5€/year) and hold multiple events throughout the year. Most notably gather hundreds to local event during vappu’s RandomWideoPeliTurnaus and have same amounts online throughout our online events such as CS:GO Wingman tournament. More information can be found here on our websites and our social medias.

What is AKL?

AKL is short for Akateeminen Kynäriliiga (Academic Counter Strike-League). Counter Strike is the most popular esports currently here in Finland and is on the rise as one of the best teams globally is currently Finnish. AKL will be held for the 4th time and it is the biggest CS-tournament held here in Finland when measured by amount of competitors attending. Our competitors are either currently in or have been in a university. This year we are registering 64 teams which each hold a at least 5 man roster totalling in to 320 competitors alone. And with those competitors will be multiple fans following the tournament through the broadcasts. 

The league will be played starting from 30.6. to 16.11. and each team will play once per two weeks. At the season end (16.11.) we will organise a final event where we will have the best teams of the seasons to face in front of live audience to see who can hoist the AKL-cup. The final event will be held here in Hervanta in a movie theatre and it will be broadcasted live. 

To have some kind of reference here is pictures from 2018 when TiTe held it for the 3rd time:


During the finals broadcast we had over 6 thousand unique viewers during the 8 hour show. Peak concurrent view amount was 300.

What is there for you?

We offer positive visibility for your brand and company to people and students who all are interested in esports. Most of our audience are likely to be either target audience for you or might be possible recruits for your company since they share interest towards electronic sports. To accomplish this we are broadcasting our games from start to finish at least once per two weeks. In those broadcast events we are willing to advertise your company in the way you like. More details on what kind of visibility we can offer down below. 

Alongside that we offer other options to reach out for audience. We are organising something that is currently trending and we are looking to make it as big as ever. With that we are offering you a way to utilise our trending brand to have fresh take on the public image for your company. Future employees and customers might familiarise you with supporting academic students who are producing something they and rest of the youths are real passionate about.

Why us over everything else?

To starters we are student group who are doing this for the sake of passion. We want to produce something that you and us can be proud. To further add on that we aren’t trying to do this business first service second as this is a hobby for us not a business. This leads that we can compete with people who are doing this as a job with smaller costs as we are doing this for free. Our expenses are always going for the greater good for the series and the low you can have for the makers.

Secondly while we aren’t professionals (most of Finnish esports-tournaments aren’t done by professionals) we are close as you can get there. Our club is filled with talented people who have made broadcasts before. We have experience in both broadcast and it-services that are necessary to have broadcasts and tournament at the industry standard. We can proudly say that we challenge even the biggest Finnish giants in terms of level and audience.

Speaking of audience we have great numbers to pack it up. During the 2017-2018 season we had around 20 broadcasts which averaged around 80 concurrent viewers and 200+ unique viewers during a single 4 hour broadcast. Even though the organiser have changed from TiTe to T3G the makers are still mostly the same which is why we can safely say that we are expecting to at least match those numbers.

Reach out to us!

If you have any questions please reach out for us and we’ll answer you. We are always ready to hear your offers and try to have it your ways. We have already made packages that we would love to tell you.

Email us at hallitus@t3g.fi.