ALL - Akateeminen Legendojen Liiga

What is AKL or ALL?

ALL is short for Akateeminen Legendojen Liiga. We have organized 4 tournaments so far and fifth is in the oven although its name is ALL IV as we did our first tournament as a betatest and started the numbering from 0. ALL is a tournament that has been so far been played twice a year, but future will show us will there be enough makers for tomorrow to continue. We also plan to organize ALL still in the future depending on feedback if you’ve been participating in the tourney, remember to give us feedback!

Where ALL can be found?

We mainly communicate our tournament and off-tournament things via our ALL’s discord server.

Where ALL can be seen?

We have streams weekly throughout the seasons. There will be mentions on discord & instagram when the streams are going to be live at our club’s twitch channel. There are also VODs from the earlier seasons on our Youtube channel.

Is there any prizes for ALL champions?

Yes there is, we don’t plan to make this a cash league so the prizes varies from tournament to another. Participation is free for any team that are eligible to participate our tournament.

Am I good enough to play in this tournament?

Our teams and players varies very much from team to team and player to another. Main thing taking apart is to give yourself and your team a challenge to compete in competitive state League of Legends matches. We play with a swiss-system tournament format for last and next season which gives more to your level of a teams as opponents later on the tournament it goes if you lose on early on. Keep up the calm when facing losses and do your best when the games are the winnable!

Email us at Or contact Matti Ensio#1533 via discord