Great news for all League of Legends fans: ALL (Akateeminen Legendojen Liiga) IV is here!

The registration for the teams are open here but just for a little while. You can register your team consisting 5 to 8 players. At least 3 of the fielded players need to have student status or have graduated from university.


The registration ends at 27.2. at 23:59. The season starts on 28.2. with weekly games  for 6 weeks in the first stage and continues with playoff stage where top-16 teams play single elimination bracket match per week untill the semi-final + final week premilinary. We are holding opening ceremony for the league at 27.2. 20:00 pm. and it will be streamed to Tr3 Gamers Twitch-channel. Opening ceremony will include introduction of participating teams and first week’s match draw. The finals will be played online.


We will use swiss-system tournament format for the first stage and a single-elimination knockout-stage afterwards. On first stage each week consist one best-of-3 game series against one team which will be played according to schedule or be rescheduled along the rules. Top 16 teams will advance to knock-out stage. Knock-out stage games will be played as best-of-3 series also up to the finals where the games will be played as a best-of-5.

You can find the rulebook here.

If you have any questions you can message us on the ALL’s or T3G’s discord channel or reach out by email at


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