“Guess who’s back? Back again ALL is back Tell a friend”

Here we go for our 6th League of Legends tournament going by ALL (Akateeminen Legendojen Liiga) name with ALL V upon us!

The registration for the teams are open here but just for a little while. You can register your team consisting 5 to 8 players. At least 3 of the fielded players need to have student status or have graduated from university. The whole rulebook can be found here.


The registration ends at 11.9. at 23:59. The season starts on 13.9. at 7 pm. with a opening stream on our twitch channel where we pronounce our weigthed swiss-format first round match ups. First stage is played so on for 8 weeks and continues with playoff stage where top-16 teams play single elimination bracket 1 round per week. The grandfinal will be played offline this time at Nokia Arena so teams that are sure of their success should mark 3rd of December to their calendars as they need to get on stage at Tampere.


We will use weighted swiss-system tournament format for the first stage and a single-elimination knockout-stage afterwards. On first stage each week consist one best-of-3 game series against one team which will be played according to schedule or be rescheduled along the rules. Top 16 teams will advance to knock-out stage. Knock-out stage games will be played as best-of-3 series also up to the finals where the games will be played as a best-of-5.

Tournament  is played on EUW server!

If you have any questions you can message us on the ALL’s or T3G’s discord channel or reach out by email at hallitus@t3g.fi

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