Welcome to the ALL V grand final at Paidia (Nokia Arena) on 3 December at 2 pm onwards.


Tr3 Gamers ry offers you a unique opportunity to come and watch the final event of the sixth season of the Academid League of Legends tournament this time also directly from the spot! Matching finalists will face each other offline and the settling of the final event will happen at Nokia Arena’s Paidia space.

So arrive on Saturday 3rd of December for the broadcast starting at 2:30 pm if you want to see the same show what is broadcasted on Tr3 Gamer’s stream channel. The match series of the final itself, which is played in the best of 5 format, starts at 3 pm.

After the finals we will have an after party at Save File – Player’s living room (Aleksis Kiven katu 24, 33200 Tampere), the sponsor of the final event. Be welcome and join the party with all the ALL’s players, production crew, organizers and most ardent fans to this event!

We also have little snacks and drinks offered by TEK – Tekniikan Akateemiset. You can also bring your goods also.

Further instructions to get into Paidia will be sent via Tr3 Gamers Telegram information channel.

“This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or League of Legends Esports.”

​Best regards,

Tomi Linkinen (@Discord Corey Grim#3646)
ALL Head organizer.


Juho Kokko (@Discord Matti Ensio#1533)
Tr3 Gamer’s ALL official

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