Sup our fellow students! AKL is back for 2020 with its 5th season and we also have something for League of Legends fans! ALL season 1 is also here! Registration, infos etc: akl.gg all.t3g.fi Registration ends 26.9. and first games will be played on 27.9.! Rules for AKL: (FI) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NHMdsXTWdYN7VpkPugvUNVicjFUt_4UB/view Read more…

ALL Grand finals 19.4. 16:00

ALL GRAND FINALS ARE FINALLY HERE! Tr3 Gamers very own Mongol Moves take on Kouvola’s InfinityGamerZ in a thrilling best of five! Tune in to watch best of the ALL take on each other at twitch.tv/tr3gamers  

ALL Semifinals

ALL lähestyy loppuaan, kun finaaliviikonloppu alkaa tänään semifinaaleilla. IGZ vs. KHL, MM vs. TRM! Ketkä pääsevät tavoittelemaan sunnuntaina kunniakasta kultaa, ja ketkä joutuvat maistamaan tappion karvaan kalkin! Lähetys alkaa klo 14 osoitteessa https://www.twitch.tv/tr3gamers/

ALL playoff round 1 stream 16:00

ALL first playoff round continues! Tune in live at 16:00 to see 3rd seed Team Rehti Mid take on the 2nd seed Mongol Moves. After that we’ll have a definite classic as Zille esports and Lörrlörr face off for the spot in the top 8. Find the stream at twitch.tv/tr3gamers