1. Registration for the Hearthstone tournament is still open! More here:


  1. We are close at forming multiple teams in multiple games with same preferences. Join now and be part of the new teams! We will inform you as soon as we have found the teams. Form here:


  1. AKL Wingman tournament has reached the playoff stage. Only 16 teams remaining! Follow the tournament


  1. Spring meeting is in the upcoming week. Please join us to see the review of the last year!


  1. We’d like to remind you on how to stay tuned with our club. Our main ways to inform are our website, our and our info channel in telegram



Monday 8.4

Beginner dance game evening from 18:00 onwards @clubroom

Tuesday 9.4.

Smash weekly from 18:00-22:00 @clubroom

Wednesday 10.4.

Spring meeting at 16:00 @RD203

Veteran Dance game evening from 18:00 onwards @clubroom



Board of T3G

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