1. Our board was having a spring break which is why the info letter came a bit late. Hopefully you had fantastic break!
  1. We celebrate our event RandomWideoPeliTournament as it received good feedback. We thank TTEPO for the great collaboration. You can see the pictures from the event here:
  1. We are still looking for teams under the name T3G. The situation currently is the following:

– 5 LoL players with varyiung ranks. Big chunk is around 8. Roles are easily covered, however. Everyone is wanting to play for glory.

– 5 CS:GO players. Biggest chunk is 3 which all of them are 10 or close to 10 in skill rating and have same motivation to play.

– 6 overwatch players with big skill differences. Most of the players are around 5 in skill rating with varying motivation.

– Other games have less than 3 players at the moment.

So we are real close to have teams completed. As soon as we get teams completed, we will inform you. Here’s the form to join:

  1. Have nice wappu! If you want tocontact our board, you can reach us with email at


Tuesday 23.4.

Smash weekly from 18:00-22:00 @clubroom

Wednesday 24.4.

Veteran Dance game evening from 18:00 onwards @clubroom


Board of T3G

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