We announce great news for anyone who likes Dota 2, LoL and/or speedrunning.

We are organizing Dota 2 The International excursion! If you are interested to take part on this trip or already are going we invite you to join our group! Because this is our first excursion we want to make it so that you like it. That’s why would like to ask you how you would us to organize the excursion. More info about the whole thing, joining the group and the questionnaire can be found at https://forms.gle/yoK4ZaXTLRhwc6jd7

At the same time we are offering any League of Legends players a chance to join our T3G-team. We are looking for players no matter the skill level or role as long as you are looking to play regularly in a team. More info about the search and the search itself can be found at:https://forms.gle/2ugnVQEUy6sPAXyL6

And last but definitely not the least we can happily announce that GDD is coming yet again! This well known speedrunning marathon is happening at 13-15.3. It’ll last the whole weekend at it’ll be better than ever. The event will be streamed at twitch.tv/tr3gamers. If you want to run a game in our speedrun you can register your run at https://forms.gle/M1z6feDDZhJ163qp8

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