Great news for all League of Legends fans: Academic Legends’ League season 0 is here!


The registration for the teams are now open here. You can register 5-7 players. At least 3 of the players need to have student status or have graduated from university. There are limited spots for teams so register as soon as you can!



The registration ends at 4.3. at 23:59. The season starts at 9.3. with weekly games and ends at 1.4. The knockout state starts at 2.4. We are holding opening ceremony for the league at 6.3. and it will be streamed to Tr3 Gamers Twitch-channel. Opening ceremony will include the pool draw. The finals will be played at Tampere in bar LateGame at 18.4 and it will be streamed. The finals will be played at the LateGame and players will use the LateGame computers for the final event.



We will use two stage tournament format which will include pools and knockout-stage. Pools will have 4 teams and every match will be bo2. Pool matches will be held in three rounds and each of those rounds will last for a week. Top two teams from the pool will advance to the knockout stage which will be played in bo3 format in two rounds. Those rounds will last week each.


You can find the rulebook here.


If you have any questions you can message us on the discord channel or reach out by email at

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